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São Paulo GTFS and Public Transportation Data zip file is corrupt

I have just registered and believe I can do wonders in a couple of days.

I have registered with sao paulo site here http://www.sptrans.com.br/desenvolvedores/

but when I downloaded their API Dataset , its always corrupt. the zip file cannot be opened after download. Please can you guys upload a fresh zipped files so that I can download it again. Or Can you send it to my mail via (esedofred3 at gmail.com)

This very urgent as there is no time left


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    Hi Fredrick Esedo,

    Thanks for your question. I'm sorry, but unfortunately we do not have control over that data and cannot provide a fresh file for you. We'll try to get in touch with those who control it, but we cannot assure you that it will be fixed before the deadline.

    Please remember that using this data is not required and you can submit without it.

    I'm sorry for any confusion or trouble and I do hope you're able to submit!

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