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Question about parking in downtown São Paulo

We received a question asking where the most difficult areas to park in downtown São Paulo are located. Below are some insights based on a survey from 2013. Please note that since this is a couple of years old, there may have been some improvement, but you may consider the same scenario coupled with some mitigating circumstances such as the CicloFaixa (traffic lanes exclusively reserved for bicycles).   

A survey ( conducted by the multinational auditing and consulting EY (formerly Ernst & Young) in fifteen districts of São Paulo expanded center reveals that there is a deficit of 125,000 parking lots compared to 509,000 cars circulating daily in this region. Ten of the fifteen districts surveyed do not have enough places for the volume of vehicles that receive daily. The biggest bottleneck is in Jardins, where 63% of drivers do not find parking spaces, these are free or paid.

"To get an idea of the volume of this deficit, if reunite these cars would be possible to form a line of 600 km, that is, the distance between São Paulo and Belo Horizonte," says Antonio Uras, partner Consulting in Strategy and Market Management EY responsible for the report.

In the areas surveyed, 78% of vacancies are in private parking lots, 4% in streets with Blue Zone (a system of money collection for the parking lot) and 18% are free places. The highest price per hour is in the districts Itaim Bibi and Jardim Paulista, where the average pay for the first hour revolves around R$ 12.00. In the other districts surveyed, prices vary between R$ 8.00 and R$ 12.00.
Other areas of São Paulo that face the same difficulty include:
- Engenheiro Luís Carlos Berrini  Avenue– Brooklin Neighborhood
- Jardins – ( and other Paulista Avenue neighborhoods)
- Faria Lima Avenue, Jardim Paulistano Neighborhood
- Barra Funda Neighborhood (where it is located a popular clothing trade)
- São Paulo Downtown (where it is located a popular clothing trade)

Interested participants may also refer to the Sindepark website ( - São Paulo Garages and Parking Lot Association.


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